Al de gedichten
Albrecht Rodenbach Frank Baur
Author of introduction
Cyriel Verschaeve
Tielt: Lannoo, 1956
361 p.: ill.

About Albrecht Rodenbach

Albertus "Albrecht" Petrus Josephus Mansuetus Ferdinandus Rodenbach (Dutch: [ˈɑlbrɛxt ˈroːdə(m)bɑx]; 27 October 1856 - 23 June 1880) was a Flemish poet, and a leader in the revival of Flemish literature that occurred in the late 19th century. He is more noteworthy as a symbol of the Flemish movement, than for his actual activities, since he died at the age of 23. Hugo Verriest called Rodenbach the poet, the soul, the heart, the mind, the word of Reborn Flanders!

Early life

Rodenbach was born in Roeselare into a bourgeois family, the eldest of 10 children and cousin to the novelist Georges Rodenbach. Albrecht Rodenbach's father was Julius Rodenbach (1824–1915) from the Rhineland, brother to Felix Rodenbach, the Flemish political propagandist. Albrecht Rodenbach's mother was Silvia de la Houttre (18…Read more on Wikipedia