About Bob Stanley

Robert Stanley may refer to:

  • Robert Stanley (MP) (died 1632), member of parliament (MP) for Lancashire
  • Robert Christopher Stafford Stanley (1899–1983), governor of the Solomon Islands (1953–1955)
  • Robert H. Stanley (1881–1942), American sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Robert Stanley (aviator) (1912–1977), American test pilot and engineer
  • Robert C. Stanley (1918–1996), American artist famous for his paperback book covers
  • Bob Stanley (baseball) (born 1954), American baseball pitcher
  • Bob Stanley (musician) (born 1964), British musician
  • Mike Stanley (Robert Michael Stanley, born 1963), American baseball catcher
  • Robert Stanley (Australian politician) (1847–1918), Australian politician
  • Robert Stanley (mayor) (1828–1911), British mayor and businessman

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  • Stanley Roberts (disambiguation)
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