Perfect tango

Otros Aires (performer)

About Otros Aires

Otros Aires is an Argentine XXI century Tango music project, founded in 2003 in Barcelona by Argentine musician/architect Miguel Di Genova.

Otros Aires mixes the first tangos and milongas structures from the beginning of the last century (Gardel, Razzano, D'Arienzo, etc.) with electronic sequences, melodies and lyrics of the 21st century.

This project counts with many collaborators like: Diego Ramos (Piano & arrangements), Chloë Pfeiffer (Piano), Lalo zanelli (Piano), Martin Bruhn (Drums), Martin Paladino (Drums), Manu Mayol (Drums & production) Pablo Potenzoni (Drums), Javier Saume Mazzei (Drums), Christian Maturano (Drums), Carlos Ocorso (Percussion), Hugo Satorre (Bandoneon), Lisandre Donoso (bandoneon), Herve Esquis (bandoneon), Emmanuel Trifilio (bandoneon), Simone Van Der Veerden (bandoneon), Korey Ireland (bandoneon), Joe Power (Harmonica), Nick Wadlew (Cover Drawings), Pablo Meketa (Cover Drawings), Marcelo Sofia (Cov…Read more on Wikipedia